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Diary of a Hate-Shred, Day 8-10: Confessions to Jillian

It has come time to inform all of you (and Jillian) that though there will be 30 days of Shredding, they may not all happen within 30 days. I am ashamed, but not as deeply as Jillian would like me to be, no doubt. Perhaps this is to be expected from anyone who is not actually Jillian Michaels. I mean, you're gonna miss a day every now and then, right? I had to go to New York for this work thing, and you know how it is! Traveling, amirite?

But I exercised even though I wasn't doing the Shred, Jillian! I jogged in 14-degree wind chill!

Yes, run. That's what I did. Jogging is lame. I run like I'm being chased by a beautiful, brunette hyena with caramel highlights. BECAUSE I AM. I should have been clearer. On another day, I ice skated! Woo, baby, my hip flexors took a beating.

And, I've only missed three days total.

Ooh, I can quit if I puke? I was not informed of this out.

Will do, Jillian! Maybe I can squeeze in a two-a-day. But I do have this chronic problem with my IT band. Makes lunges a little uncomfortable.

You see, it's in my left leg.

Right you are. I'm gettin' back on that horse, Jillian!

I think you've made your point.


I want to punch you in your pretty, snarly face.

Grrr. Promise to do more working out and more blogging this week, guys!